How to Choose the Perfect Place for Your Dream Getaway


Choosing your next holiday spot is always exciting. When that sense of wanderlust stirs, there’s little that can rival the thought of exploring somewhere novel and interesting, especially for those who like to mix things up by visiting countries and continents they’ve never been to before.

But picking out your dream destination can be tricky. With so many beautiful places and rich cultures to experience, narrowing your options down to only one can often feel like an impossible choice.

With that in mind, here’s our sure-fire way to come up with your perfect shortlist.

Search Instagram

Perfect Place

While it can be hard to pick only one country from your list of dream destinations, most people don’t have the luxury of visiting all of them at once. This is where Instagram can come in handy. Those who travel tend to enjoy taking pictures of the places they visit, so a search of the countries you would most like to see can quickly whet your appetite. Spend some time flicking through the many images of your various options, getting a feel for not only for the countries that appeal to you, but the particular towns and cities too. Ask yourself which of them you’re most drawn to, and use your gut instinct to whittle down your shortlist.

Study travel guides

Of course, Instagram is not the most scientific way to pick a place you’d like to visit, so our next recommendation is a slightly more academic one – get hold of some travel guides, read as much information as you can, and take a look through travel blogs. This should help you to get a sense of the look and feel of the country, and alsothe things you can do and experience should you choose to visit. Certain places will soon begin to stand out as frontrunners, with others appealing a little less to you, and able to be crossed from your list (for now, at least).

Perfect Place

Get a feel for the culture

Still caught between a couple of different countries? Then try to get a feel for the culture. You can do this in lots of different ways, from reading novels set in a certain location through to playing video and slot games to help you get a sense of a place’s history and aesthetic. Fancy visiting the meandering Nile and the magnificent Valley of the Kings, for example? Then you can play slots themed on Egypt from a provider like Lucky Pants Bingo, or watch ITV’s latest drama, Tutankhamun. The more you delve into them, the more some places will sink their hooks into your soul and refuse to let go.

Taste test the local cuisine

Perfect Place

If you’re still stuck for a decision, there’s one final test: try your top three cuisines and see which of them you most enjoy. While food isn’t everything, it is a big part of your time away for many, so knowing you’ll be tempted to glut yourself on the local food and drink is always a bonus.

When it comes to choosing your next holiday destination, we know it can be difficult, but it really is the most wonderful dilemma to be faced with. Where in the world will you visit next?

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